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Easy Dosa & Crepe Maker - 12 inch Dosa Pan Set

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Easy Dosa Maker is an innovative, multi-purpose kitchen tool that helps you make batter based cuisines such as dosa, crepes, pancakes and more with ease. Makes 10" dosa or bigger at home! Comes with 12 inch non stick dosa pan.

How it Works:

At medium to low heat, fix in your desired spinner, use the measuring cup to pour your batter in the middle of the spinner. You can use the Easy Dosa & Crepe Maker on gas or electric stove topes as it comes with induction tech. 

Rotate the spinner all the way around to spread the batter evenly. Our induction plated non stick Dosa Pan evenly distributes heat across the surface of the pan. The set comes with yellow and black silicone sliders that add thickness to your crepe or dosa. For a super thin dosa simply remove the silicone fixture and use only the spinner.

Use the provided spatula to spread any excess batter.

The superior non-stick plates of our Dosa Pan ensure nothing sticks so you can easily lift, flip or fold your Dosa, Crepes, Uthapum, Pancakes and other batter based foods. 

Package Contains:

12 Inch Dosa Pan (12 inch diameter) 
Dosa Spinner (140mm)
Uthapum Spinner (90mm)
Silicone Brush 
Wooden Spatula 
Measuring Cup (150ml)

Package Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 3 inches - 5 lbs