Sweet Potato Flatbread Recipe

To mark the start of Spring we're sharing a fresh and healthy recipe to kick that summer transformation into overdrive, after all abs are made in the kitchen! 

This is a quick two ingredient recipe to make healthy and delicious gluten-free sweet potato flatbread at home.

All you need is some oat flour and, you guessed it, sweet potatoes! 

Sweet potato: You can use leftover sweet potato (boiled, baked, steamed, etc.) or make it specifically for this sweet potato flatbread recipe. 

Oat flour: You can make this easily at home using rolled oats in a blender or coffee/spice grinder into a fine powder. Other gluten free flours will also work as a binder! 

Optional Ingredients: You can spice things up by adding a blend of ground spices, red onion, green preppers, coriander and more.


Step 1: Take your 2-3 large steamed, boiled or microwaved sweet potatoes, peel off the skin and mash until it looks like mashed potatoes. The warmer the sweet potatoes the easier it will mix!

Step 2: Add 1 cup of your choice of gluten-free flour and knead the two together until you have a dough ball. You can also add any veggies or spices in this step.

Step 3: Take a palm sized portion of your dough and use the Easy Roti Maker to flatten the dough into a thin flat bread. For best results plug in your Easy Roti Maker and turn the heat to the max setting. 

Step 4: Once flattened, close the top of the Easy Roti Maker and your flat bread will cook evenly on both sides. Lift the top every 45 seconds to get your ideal crispiness! 

Top off your flatbread with your favorite toppings like vegan or gluten-free cheese, spices, veggies or sauces and enjoy this guilt free delicious flatbread.